Quinta de Retiro


Náhuatl: "Place of stone, water and sun"

Comprehensive Care Center for



Tepoztlán, Morelos.


Director's Welcome

As director and friend, I welcome you to this wonderful place called "Quinta de Retiro Tetexopa" ... in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico: Comprehensive Care Center for both dependent and independent seniors, is one of the best climates in the world, a paradise, surrounded by breathtakingly mountains, with an energy which makes you vibrate and be different, tended to by sensitive and experiornced hands in the care of people who need to be treated with specialized

care, with criteria and responsibility, with dignity and respect, with warmth, with love and affection and with proven professionalism.In this wonderful place you can spend your later years in the company of friendly, interesting, well-educated and well-mannered people, immersed in an environment of great natural beauty, lovely gardens, flowers and various fruit trees, with rich and abundant sunshine, breathing pure air, feeling the rain at night replenishing the streams, with blue and star-filled skies, surrounded by ancient mountains which make you feel creation in its entirety.

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A friendly hand will always be with you to help you with your daily and recreational activities, assisting you with courtesy and finesse, kindly encouraging you so as to avoid feeling lonely, sad or depressed. We will be there to make life easier and more comfortable.
We have created a culture of service and support which sets us apart for its warmth and quality, in a magical place recognized worldwide as an energy and renewal center, where you breathe life itself, and are delighted with the sun, purified with the wind and refreshing breezes.
Tetexopa and Tepoztlán, a mixture of human capital, skills and attributes, with a unique place where time is seen in its impressive mountains, which change their appearance depending on the time of year and the specific time of day.
Where the moon and the stars in the sky invite you to reflect and meditate at night. We can´t emphasize enough how there´s no better place than here in Tepoztlán and in Tetexopa, where we have all changed, for our own good and the good of others, and for those we care for and serve.
18 years of experience back us up, and with inspiration, hard work and the discipline of service, we have been able to make this dream come true.

A big hug.
Erwin Rüggeberg Barber , Ph.D.

"Doña Artemisa" Way

Where are we?
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What are we?
°We are a country club for retirees as well as independent and dependent seniors.
°We are center for geriatric care with professional nursing service.
°We are a senior care center specialized in the various stages of aging.
°We are a different place for discerning people.
°We are a special place which offers attention, respect and dignity: if you visit us you will understand how we´re different.
° We are a country home offering both social interaction and independence, a combination not easy to find.
° We embody a concept of attention and gerontological service of internationally renowned quality.
°We combine great weather, beautiful views, natural beauty, adequate and comfortable infrastructure, trained and highly qualified human capital.
°We are a place where you´ll find comfort, convenience and intensive service 365 days a year.
°We are a highly aclaimed place, with a recognized and solid reputation, and with 18 years of experience.

What do we offer?
° Villas with a private bathroom and a panoramic view.
° Spacious, comfortable and well-decorated Villas.
° Well appointed villas with good natural temperature.
° Daily professional nursing service.
° Geriatric care service.
° Gerontological care service.
° Personalized service.
° Excellent food and room service, excellent laundry, maid service and maintenance.
° Excellent external and hospital medical support which have worked closely with us, including ambulance and helicopter transfer.
° We have beautiful swimming pool, tennis court, walkways, terraces, gazebo, palapa, gardens, outdoor jacuzzi, parking, clubhouse and we are a very quiet and safe location.
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International Tourism Packages for Retirees
1) Get to know our Magical Mexico -. If you need to get away from the cold, from the heavy snow, from the icy roads, from the storms that are becoming stronger every day, come and relax with us in a magical, energetic and wonderful place just 50 minutes from Mexico City, in Tepoztlán, Morelos.
Tepoztlán has an ideal, warm yet temperate climate, allowing you to enjoy nature, sports, walks, hiking, landscapes, flora and fauna. Fascinating for its interesting pre-hispanic and colonial culture, currently inmersed in a bohemian, esoteric, original, folkloric setting, cobblestone streets,
adobe houses, craft and street fair representing different states of Mexico, the magnificent Convento Dominico from the 16th century and the pyramid Tepoztécatl the God of Pulque at a height of 400 meters over the Sacred Valley will captivate you.
You can enjoy its Mexican food with influence from Morelos, Puebla, Oaxaca and Guerrero states, as well as international cuisine in spas and restaurants, which make this enigmatic city a touristic center where weekend visitors come to taste its delicious artesianal ice creams, its hand-made tortillas, its itacate snacks made with beans and cheese, its holistic masages, and its prehispanic Temazcal sauna baths which disintoxicate and purify the body and soul.
It is a special opportunity to visit Tepoztlán, whether you speak English, German, Italian, French
or Japanese, because everybody becomes one with nature and its vibrant energy.
Stay with us for 8 days and we will put together a personalized package so that you can get to know Tepoztlán, Cuernavaca and Taxco.

2) Get to know our Mystical Millennial Mexico. - We have designed tours guided by professionals and experts in archeological, cultural, and entertainment tourism and ecotourism, so that you can enjoy the natural wonders as well as those made by hand by our various prehispanic and colonial indiginous cultures. For one month, you can visit unique, extraordinary and safe places, accompanied by 40-person groups of people from all over the world, all of whom are between the ages of 65 and 75 years old.
A guide who speaks English, German and French will introduce you this beauty in a modern bus

equiped with a bathroom, air conditioning, music, and televisión, as well as an on-board doctor to attend any discomfort or symptom of illness immediately. In a trustworthy, pleasant and comfortable environment you will be able to enjoy yourself in full and as never before, together with your partner or friend, and to return home tanned, happy, revitalized and with lovely handicrafts, jewelry, dresses and hats, all made by the creative hands of Mexican people from the Maya, Olmeca, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Chole, Zapoteca and Mixteca cultures.
We will take you to see the most important and beautiful parts of:
  • Cancún , Tulum , Isla Mujeres , Cozumel , Xel - Há , Xcaret and Playa del Carmen.
  • Chichén - Itzá , Valladolid and its sacred Cenotes.
  • Palenque, Bonampak and Cobá.
  • Campeche and its colonial surroundings.
  • Mérida and its architectural and agricultural settings.
  • Chiapas, San Cristóbel de las Casas, with its rivers, waterfalls and lakes.
  • Oaxaca, Monte Albán y Mitla.

All the while you will be cared for by a personable tour guide with a vast historic knowledge, who speaks different languages and can introduce you to each place, its people, its art, its food, its customs, its origins, its history and its charms.

Excellent hotels, delicious food, drinks, tours and entrances are all included.

You will visit flora, fauna, beaches, pyramids, temples, cathedrals, parishes, convents, haciendas, plantations, ranches, waterfalls, rivers and national parks. You will see and enjoy dresses, dances, music, traditions and a folklore which is rich and different, shared with originality, talent and creativity. This month-long journey will be unforgettable, and you will return to tell your friends how happy you were to have been able to see things that are authentic, interesting, beautiful, and so different from what you can see in your own country or region.
Welcome travelling with us if you are an interested and interesting retiree who really wants to live!

Call us, contact us and you will be surprised!.
Hotels Cancún
Palace of Cortés
Drive in Islas Mujeres
Mexican Handicrafts
Playa del Carmen
Catamarán in Cancún
Sta Prisca in Taxco
Pirate ship, Cancún
Chichén Itzá
Regional costumes, Oaxaca
Cascadas de agua azul
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